Cancer Health Insurance Advice – Should Medical Health Coverage Include Cancer Insurance?

Cancer Health Insurance has become a big selling product in medical health coverage. Does cancer insurance provided needed medical coverage or does it duplicate health insurance? Read this cancer health insurance article for information advice.

Cancer insurance has deep roots going long back in the medical health coverage industry. Once there were were 3 or 4 major carriers using it as their leading product. Now around 14 insurance companies promote it heavy, and another 50 write a fair amount of cancer health insurance. The controversy lies in who benefits the most, the insurance company or the insurance buyer?


In the good old days a group of agents were recruited under a district manager’s supervision. The entire group would invade a small town. They would start with the local banks and work their way down to the other businesses. It was high pressure selling group insurance where employees had premiums deducted from their pay. For a few bucks a week, employees could be covered against the big “C”. Yes agents actually took their thumb and index finger and formed the big “C” for cancer.

When an agent left, there was always another to take the place. The cancer health insurance company then really made out. Since this was true cold calling there we no lead acquisition costs. Plus on an agent that left, the insurance company no longer had to pay the agent and just sit back and collect the money coming in. The district manager was rewarded fat overrides on the business his group of agents wrote.

Why do so many people buy medical health coverage that overlaps? A one word answer: FEAR. Are there any people that do not have relatives, friends, or acquaintances who have experienced some form of cancer? Plus the cost is right, often $25 monthly or so for a truckload of this and that benefit payments. In reality the cancer health insurance policy provides the buyer with more emotional security than it does financial security.


Would you buy a car for twice its value? Definitely not. What if you never get cancer? This is unlike life insurance where at some point you are going to die and have the benefit paid. Plus you could pay $25 for 15 years, $4,500, and develop skin cancer. You file a claim and receive $1,000. If in turn you had put just $25 monthly into an annuity you would have amassed $5,000 or probably $10,000. This surely would have helped more in giving financial security against any medical health coverage needs.


Above were covered some of the ways the insurance company benefits from sales, now look at it by claims. Every year there are health and disability companies filing bankruptcy for paying out more in benefits that they have money in reserve. Do you realize (its public record to verify) that some cancer and dread disease companies are only paying 60% out on claims? Seems like easy math to see who comes out the winner.

If baldness insurance was available it would seem a better bet of collecting back what you paid in. By the way, since heart attacks and strokes are more prevalent, why do waste more money of these plans?

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don’t know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is.

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Helpful Information on the Medical Health Benefits of Meditation

Information on the medical health benefits of meditation shows that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, mental and emotional states. It has been in practice for thousands of years. It has been shown to work particularly well for those experiencing stress. In fact, more and more doctors are prescribing meditation to cure many stress related illnesses including anxiety, trauma and insomnia.

Most people experience stress everyday. Be it at work or at home, there are situations that put us in fear or anxiety which triggers stress. It could be at the workplace where you are faced with something that you have never done before, or it could be at home if a emergency were to happen.

Stress is sometimes good because it causes one to take action to respond to the situation at hand. However, stress also happens during traffic jams, or when someone raises their voice or work is not done the way you like. If allowed to run its course, people could be in a continuous state of stress which is unhealthy.

Information on the medical health benefits of meditation shows that meditation releases stress from our bodies. Regular practice leads you to a deeper state of relaxation. Meditation is an excellent way to be relieved of stress and pressure and live a life that is peaceful, calm, relaxed and happy.

Stress is not the only problem that can be relieved through meditation. There are also sources of information on the medical health benefits of meditation, that say that it leads to reduction in pain, even in such cases like cancer and heart problems. It has been reported that people have even experienced improved eyesight as well as hearing.

Aside from the effects that meditation has on the body, it also positively effects the mind. Improvement in memory and intelligence are also reported in information on the medical health benefits of meditation. Increased concentration and awareness are a couple of other benefits.

It is the psychological effects that are quite significant. There is an increased feeling of identity and people demonstrate greater self reliance. People who meditate also have a stronger sense of self because of the positive experience that they feel.

They also show an increased empathy and therefore openness when dealing with other people. That is not all. They also better appreciate other people and the good things that they get in life. Often we see people who complain and grumble despite having a good life.

What is really nice is that your creativity improves through increased intuition and inspiration. Fear reduces.

In fact, there are also reductions in addictions and other bad habits as well as improvements in dealing with depression and hyperactivity.

Based on information on the medical health benefits of meditation, it is apparent that regular practice of meditation will help you feel much calmer and in control. You improve your ability to concentrate. Instead of being stressed, you can be more peaceful and relaxed. Just go with the flow of things and live and enjoy life.

American Medical Health Care

There are many medical health care centers in America and they are in operation in order to provide medication, therapy, counseling and relief to people suffering from various diseases. These centers work to lessen the load that hospitals face. They run under different names and some of them specialize in certain fields. Some of the important medical health centers running in America are blood centers, facilities to conduct x-rays, ECG, EEG, Blood bank, Clinics, Therapists, and the many other centers that have opened up in the name of health.

The centers that are opening up these days are increasing in a rapid pace. Most of the doctors, nurses, therapists and other people of different professions for different medical fields, come from various cultures and countries. With them they bring a whole lot of new ideas and concepts that have never been tried out in America. For example, Chinese doctors have a way of treating you by pricking your body at various strategic points (Acupuncture). These are all proven to be successful medication substitutes after some years of research and the like.

In light of all this, there are many other clinics that are opened, which run bogus claims. One should be very careful while visiting a new doctor. This is essential as you don’t want the doctor to be prescribing you medicines that instead of saving you could kill you. The best way to stay safe is to educate yourself about the disease, condition or sickness that is affecting you. You should know about the various facts and myths that are often associated with most diseases.

Today, there are numerous sites that offer free information to people so that they can know what to do when they have a certain kind of illness. Most people, when they are sick, find it hard to describe to the doctor what the symptoms are. This is very important because a wrong symptom reported can make the doctor change his or her medication plan for you. Always remember this when you are telling the doctor about your symptoms; he is eliminating the possibilities of what sickness could be affecting you.

To find out about the American medical health care centers that are located in your area, you should check the local listing for numbers. If you still don’t find anyone contact your nearest hospital to help you locate a good medical center. They will know names of some of the best centers around to help you with your sickness or condition that you are facing.

Cheap Medical Health Insurance Can Be Found Selecting the Coverage Your Need

With the way health care costs keep rising, cheap medical health insurance sounds like an oxymoron. There are millions of Americans who are uninsured due to its cost. Most of the people that do have health coverage either get it from their employer or their spouse’s employer, who often pays a significant portion of the costs. Instead of paying a hefty monthly premium, many families are deciding to go without coverage at all. Often times, cheap medical health insurance don’t provide adequate coverage to make its purchase worthwhile. With changes in the health care system looming, you may want to start research different health care options soon.

Lately, a major item in the news has been the health care reform bill that was just passed. By 2014, every US citizen will have access to government subsidized cheap medical health insurance. This means the unemployed and self employed will be able to get coverage at rates cheaper than previously available. However, the bill also states that it is mandatory that everyone carries medical insurance or face an annual fine. This can be a problem for those already struggling to meet their current financial obligations. Adding an additional bill or a fine can wreak havoc on their budget. Now, we are left with the choice of enrolling into a government insurance plan or try to find a cheap medical health insurance plan on our own.

Contrary to what many think, cheap medical health insurance plans can be found. To be able to find such a plan, we need to be realistic. A cheap plan won’t cover every medical condition and service. Services such as cosmetic surgery or even chiropractic care probably won’t be covered. In order to find the least expensive plan we need to focus on plans that cover our basic needs and the minimum requirements of the government. First, you must assess your basic needs. Do you have kids that need to visit the doctor often or do you just need an annual checkup? Your individual situation will decide what type of coverage is needed. Once you decide how much insurance is needed, you can start comparing cheap medical health insurance plans that cover your minimum requirements.

The best place to get information is on the web. Most providers can offer you a quote by filling out a short form on their website. Based on the information provided, they will give you a quote. You can get several quotes from different providers. These companies are competing for your business so they should offer competitive rates. Choose the least expensive plan that fits your needs and you will have found cheap medical health insurance.

Some Major Facts About Major Medical Health Insurance

Major medical health insurance is a type of health insurance that covers all the medical care expenses to a maximum limit excluding the deductibles and co-insurance. This means if you suffer from an illness, all the expenses involved from diagnosis to treatment of the disease will be covered. It covers all the main hospital expenses like hospitalization, medical supplies, outpatient procedures, doctor’s visit etc., and does not cover the medical bill expenses. Under this plan, any earlier medical conditions of the patient are not included in the coverage. This type of health insurance policies are usually preferred by young people who are in their twenties and by senior citizens.

Ways To Apply For A Major Medical Health Insurance Plan

Usually, this health insurance plan is available in two forms – as an individual plan and as a part of a group plan. You can choose MM insurance plan as an individual plan if you are self-employed, unemployed or searching for an employment. These plans like any other group plans provide benefits like dental coverage, drug cards, family and child coverage and so on.

You can also get MM insurance plans as a part of any other plan like HMO or PPO plans. Under the HMO plan, a network of doctors and hospitals are covered and you can avail the services within this network. However, under a PPO plan, you can consult with doctors outside the PPO network. But the compensation would be less if you consult outside the PPO network.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Major Medical Health Insurance Plan

There are certain things that you should consider when choosing a MM insurance plan. They are:

1. Deductible – It is the amount that you need to pay before the insurance provider begins to cover the incurred expenses. This amount can vary. Normally, if the deductibles are high, the premium is low and vice versa.
2. Co insurance – It is a specific percentage of expenses that you need to pay the insurance company before it begins to cover the expenses incurred. You also need to enter into an agreement with the insurance provider.
3. Co payment – It is a fixed amount that you need to pay before the insurance company begins to cover the medical expenses.

So, when choosing a major medical health insurance plan you need to choose from among the above three factors.

How To Select A Major Medical Health Insurance Plan

It is recommended that you get the quotes of the policy from various insurance providers. Then you need to compare and evaluate between the policies and their premiums. If any queries arise, it is better to contact an insurance agent or advisor to clarify them. It is important that you have thorough knowledge about the policy you plan to choose. You need to read the policy documents properly. Also you could check for the ratings of the insurance company before choosing a policy. Once the policies are evaluated, choose a major medical insurance plan that is most suitable for you and your family.

Major Medical Health Insurance – How to Find the Best Rates

If you don’t have access to major medical health insurance through your employer or another group, you may be afraid this insurance will cost too much on your own. But your family needs the protection that major medical health insurance offers, so don’t neglect this important insurance coverage.

Instead, look to the Internet. By going online, you can find the best major medical health insurance rates with the best insurance companies.

What is Major Medical Health Insurance?

Major medical health insurance is a type of medical insurance that provides coverage for such items as:

* Hospitalization

* Doctor visits

* Outpatient procedures

* Medical supplies

It may also include coverage for prescription drugs plus dental and vision care. You will usually have to pay a deductible and co-insurance before the insurance company begins to cover expenses.

How Can You Find the Best Rates for Major Medical Health Insurance?

Begin your search for the best rates on major medical health insurance on the Internet. There are many insurance websites where you can complete one simple form with information such as:

* The number of people the policy will cover

* Any pre-existing health conditions

* Whether you use tobacco

Once you complete the form you’ll get quotes for major medical health insurance from multiple A-rated companies.

Some sites even have a chat feature so you can get answers to your major medical health insurance questions from an insurance professional. (See link below.)

How Do You Choose a Policy?

Once you have quotes, you need to evaluate the policies and choose the best one for your family. The best policy may not be the one with the cheapest rate. Make sure you understand what the policy will cover and what it won’t cover.

Also check the Standard & Poor or A.M. Best ratings for each company so you can be sure the one you choose is financially stable. If you have any questions, talk to an insurance professional.

Are You Able To Maintain Electronic Medical Health Record?

Medical health records are increasingly being maintained digitally in order to streamline the access to people who need them, from the government to general people. There are various advantages of keeping digital versions of medical copies. One can find out all about patient’s medical history, demographics, immunization statuses, allergies and a host of other information.

There are subtle differences between EHR and EMR. EHR stands of Electronic Health Record while EMR is called Electronic Medical Record. EMR is available to the patient’s physician and only he/she is able to access the entire information. EHR is accessed by various organizations from the government to insurance companies.

With the advent of the Internet, EHR is increasingly preferred as it helps to streamline data access. In the world previously dominated by EMR, this is a welcome shift. While the “Medical” in EMR is focused on the medical portion, the “Health” in EHR is about a wide range of issues. It keeps in mind the additional burden of various stakeholders such as insurance companies etc.

Now that you know the difference between EHR and EMR, you must know the ways and means to efficiently handle them. There are many companies out there who are willing to help you out by carrying out and maintaining thorough electronic medical health record. They ensure that all the details are aptly mentioned and you are able to carry on with your service.

There are many ways to find the one company.

Start by visiting the Internet. There are many companies who have set up online shops. These shops have all the information you need in order to make a better decision. But don’t go by the information provided in these portals alone. Many of them are set up to lure unsuspecting customers and steal their money. If you value your money, then it’s time to have a better search. When you are online, make sure to dig out as much information as you can from the numerous communities and forums. Their members will be able to help you out.

Make sure that the company is licensed, and bonded. Having the requisite license will give you a peace of mind regarding the legitimacy of the business. These points will help you save up on a lot of money.

Medical Health Insurance – How To Get The Cheapest Policy

One of the largest expenses in today’s modern society is the cost of health insurance. Over the last hundred years, the population has increased so dramatically that any country would have difficulty providing universal health care, especially with all of the modern advances that we have today and the large sums of money that most medical doctors and hospitals make. Here are a few tips on how to get the cheapest medical health insurance policy available today without racking your brain too much.

Before you go on a long winded tour of the Internet or your local Yellow Pages in order to find out where in the world you’re going to get medical health insurance coverage, there are few things that you ought to run by your frontal lobe in order to determine exactly what pathway you wish to take when searching for this inevitable necessity that all adults and children must or should have in our ever-changing society. Health insurance is very important and you won’t really understand how important until you are in a situation where you are with out it and end up in the hospital and receive a bill for 50 or even $100,000 that you have to pay out of your own pocket because you did not decide to get any coverage at all.

One of the first things you must consider is how many people are in your family. If you are a single person then your premium each month will be very small in comparison to what it would be for a family of say 10 people. If you are single then you have many other choices available to you that most people do not. However, if you are a family person and you need to have coverage for your many loved ones, then there are a few more considerations that you need to take into account.

Most families are not consistent of one age group but multiple age groups with multiple variations of problems that may occur. For instance, if you have many infants, then you must take into account how many different problems come when raising a child from the years of one to two years of age. If you have children in elementary school, those problems will be different than those of your teen children and so on.

Once you have taking into account how many people you will need to put on your policy, then you need to consider what kind of a policy that you should have. There are many policies that have and exceptional amount of coverage that costs a lot of money. If you do go to the doctor regularly, then this medical health insurance will be very beneficial because you will be saving money in the long run. However, if you do not go to the doctor very frequently and are typically a healthy person and the members of your household are also healthy, then you may be better off with a premium that is lower that offers fewer benefits because you will not need them on a regular basis.

The next thing to consider is the premium itself. If you’re lucky enough to find a company that will give you a medical health insurance policy that is affordable and gives you almost if not full coverage for all of your medical, dental, and even vision care needs, then you should pay a premium that you can afford that will give you these kinds of benefits. However, most companies are not out there to give you the best policy for less and therefore you must pick and choose between what they have to offer and what you can afford. When doing so, always take into account what you think your family will need or if you are an individual than take into account how many times you think you will be going to the doctor and choose your policy accordingly.

The last thing to consider is why you need a policy. If you are relatively healthy all of the time, then you should go ahead and get a policy that is a bottom level policy in price and in benefits. At least then you would have coverage. If you have more people to consider, I would consider getting the middle ground policy which will cost a marginal amount yet cover everyone in the family. If your family is habitually going to the doctor or the dentist, and it is probably your best bet to choose a higher and policy with the most benefits in order to save your family money in the long run as they make those frequent trips to the doctor. It is up to you to make a good decision and you will do so after reading this when choosing your next medical health insurance policy.

Save Time – Buy Medical Health Insurance Online

Medical health insurance is not only a cover against critical illnesses but also against large hospital bills. Moreover, it also acts as a tax saving tool. The policyholders are exempted from paying the cost up to the amount of the insurance cover assured and under the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Now what requires research and proper guidance is selection of the medical policy or insurance.

With the increasing demand, various types of health insurances have flooded the market and have left people with hundreds of options to choose from. To make the task even more challenging, health insurance plans do not come in one standard plan. They vary depending on the diverse needs, different coverage period, age groups, gender based, and diverse financial sizes. Now inquiring about the plans suiting one’s needs, checking out brochures, comparing different plans offered, waiting for quotes, ask for days of tedious work.

However, one can buy insurance online as well and why not, the internet today, rules almost all spheres of our lives from daily work to business, information and so on. It simply requires a few seconds to log on a particular insurance company site and buy health policy online. The internet options also leverages one to choose from various health policies available and compare their prices, rate of interests too. One can compare between various companies to get best health insurance deals. So why can’t we simply compare the best plans and accordingly buy medical insurance online. Always keep in mind, that the best medical health insurance gives you unlimited benefits like more coverage and saving.

You might as well be confused to see thousands of websites offering free health insurance quotes online. And as you move forward by filling the requisite information online, you will be contacted by insurance agents wherein you can choose and buy medical policy as per your requirements. As insurance policies are always expensive as compared to other insurance plans and the rates keep fluctuating too, so to be on a safer side, comparing the rates should always be a preferred choice.

Moreover, to buy medical insurance online, one should not be hesitant as the information provided is secured and reaches only trusted sources. Therefore, only after comparing the best, buy medical insurance that suits your needs the most. Options are many and choice is yours.

Buying Affordable Medical Health Insurance and the Risks Involved

In thinking of our health, we always make sure that we get the best service that our money can afford and, with that, most, if not everyone, would look for affordable medical health insurance that can cover future medical needs such as hospitalization, check-ups and the like. However, with the proliferation of insurance companies at present, so does the danger in buying a substandard and pretentious insurance plan that would be more of a liability than an advantage. With the way things are, it is important for people to be more cautious in choosing and purchasing insurance plans.

Affordable medical health insurance, as it is, should be economically beneficial to those purchasing the plan without having to sacrifice the wide range of services that should be able to accommodate a person’s health needs. A comprehensive insurance plan should be able to cover regular operations up to moderate health cases. Of course, hospital check-ups with health specialists should also be included in the package.

So what makes purchasing a medical insurance risky? With all honesty, the promise of buying a good priced and all-inclusive health insurance at present time is relatively slim. What with the increasing number of insurance companies, almost all of them offer affordable medical health insurance plans that fit just about anyone’s budget. The question is: Will the plan they sell be able to cover all of your health needs the moment you require such services?

One more risk in buying insurance plans is that a good and fairly useful insurance in one state may just be useless in another. Two states may or may not have the same insurance policies and, thus, may or may not recognize an insurance that was availed from another state. The coverage of a medical health insurance plan in one state may have to be paid for when in a different state. Now, although this holds true for a lot of insurance plans, there are those that might cost you a bit more but are universally recognized, no matter which hospital you visit or which state you’re in.

Regardless of whether or not you are getting health insurance for yourself and/or for others, remember that it is important that you check for things that could otherwise make your purchase useless and uneconomical. Although there are affordable medical health insurance plans that might look light on the budget, it may not be a bad idea to get something that might cost a bit more, as long as you’re sure that it’ll benefit you in the long run.